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Refund Policy

Timing to calculate refund

  • Not possible via phone/KakaoTalk/email

  • When you apply for the refund, we can process

Class validity period

  • Class validity period / refund period  ​

     – Must be used within 3 months of paying tuition

     – Non-refundable after 3 months of validity

Group Class / Tutoring

The board students / Payment in USD

  • 70% refund 1 month before class starts

  • 60% refund  after 3rd class 

  • No refunds after 4th class

       Ex) 3 month payments: Penalty is for all 3 months

  • ​No refunds when you receive an acceptance letter​


The studnet who live in Korea / Payment in KRW

  • ​2/3 of tuition refunded before 1/3 of total classes

  • 1/2 of tuition refunded before 1/2 of total classes

  • No refunds after 1/2 of total classes

WIthout any notice / Even though you don't take any class

  • It can be absent and 100% non-refundable

Group Class for children

  • 100% refund before the course

  • 60% refundable by the third day after the course opens

  • Non-refundable after 4 days of class

  • Classes cannot be postponed 


  • Follow the Korean Real Estate Lease Contract Act. 

    –Full cost cannot be refunded after entering the room
    – 80% refund of total fees 1 month before using
    – 70% refund of total fees 29 ~ 4 days before using
    – 60% refund of total fees 3 ~1 day before using

In case of card payment refund

  • Refund of card payment is not possible after 3 days 

  • Account transfer only 

  • n this case, 4.5% of the card fee is non-refundable

  • Account transfer fee of ₩500 is non-refundable

Transfer fees

  • ₩500 bank fee to Korea bank 

  • $150 bank fee to oversea bank 

  • 10% of exchange fee for USD

  • We are using internal exchange rate

Placement / Entrance fee

  • Entrance fee are non-refundable

  • The materials are non-refundable when you take class 

Absent  for Group class

  • If you don't show up 1st class, It become absent

  • After the class starts. the scheduel can't be changeable

Absent  for Tutoring

  • If you don't show up 1st class, It become absent

  • You can change the class scheduel in person

  • After the class schedule set up, It can't be changeable

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