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Kids Korean class​

Improving Kids's Korean
Kid can speak Korean well

You are in charge of scheduling
Korean class + Activities

Kindergarten / Elementary

  • 6~14 years old

Family Discount

  • Family /Friend discount

  • Payment in 10 days discount

How is the class?

  • Speaking, reading, writing 

  • Time, number, date

  • Cultural activites

   Who is a teacher

  • Certificated Korean teacher

  • Strict internal training master

  • Open mind for kids

  • Bright and calm teacher


- Watch out the other trick school -

If a school gives Korean Food or Gifts

Don't go to such a school.

베스트프렌드 한국어학원 도쿄

Best Friend Group 

World wide

Seoul branch / Tokyo branch 

Trust Best Friend 

Study with Best Friend

Kids Korea Class

Keep your Kid's Korean



  • Only speaking Korean at home 

  • Listening well / poor speaking

  • lack of reading and writing

  • Never try to speak Korean 

  • Cultural activities needed

  • Making friends in class


  • read-write enabled

  • Improving speaking/listening

  • pronunciation correction

  • ​Improve motivation to study Korean



Korean lessons and Cultural experience​

 Class Schedule and Participation
- Classes start every month
- Start on the date of your choice
- Registration available one month at a time 
- Kindergarten and Elementary School

Class hours 
- Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday
- 10:00~13:00

- Max 20students in a class

Class Information 
- Korean language classes 80%
- Cultural experience 20% 
- Cultural experience will be determined
   according to the number of applicants.

<Children's group class>

The Pro teachers have to teach kids


Kids Class

6 to 14 years old

30% discounted price

​1 month



​2 weeks


​1 week


  • Admission fee: free

  • Materials:  ₩65,000

  • 2 students in a class redueced to 32 hours

  • If you are left alone during class reduce to (2 hour a day) 

  • 1 students in a class reduce to 15 hours

  • 1~2 weeks shoud be combined with a 1 months course. 

< 2~3 person Discount>
2 person total ₩30,000
3 person total ₩6

Provide fully customized prints​


 Most of the children are from international marriages / overseas compatriots / long-term residents abroad. The four skills of speaking, listening, writing, and reading are often at staggered levels or not at all.

We believe it is necessary to prepare special education for multinational children who do not have such a foundation. We will proceed with lessons at a speed that matches the child's level of comprehension. 

<Providing completely custom-made printouts>

After confirming each child's nationality, age, and Korean language ability, the teacher will carefully produce a printout every hour.

Family room

어린이한국어학원원 숙소

일대일 참석 방식 
다국적, 다 언어를 
기반으로 한 외국인 어린이 학생들입니다. 또한 가끔 집에서 한국어도 사용해 듣기, 말하기, 쓰기 레벨이 천차 만별인 분들이 많습니다. 이런 문제를 해결해드리기 위해 일대일 참석 방식을 통해 개별 관리도 해드립니다.  

어린이 여름방학 수업

내 아이처럼 소중

아이들을 사랑하는 마음으로 내 가족 같은 마음으로 정성을 다해드리겠습니다.

어린이한국어수업 초등학생

발표 수업! 한국어 자신감 UP!
처음에는 부모님의 손에 이끌려 학원에 왔지만 남들 앞에 자신 있게 한국어로 말하는 순간 수업의 주인공이 됩니다. 

어린이 한국어 교실

문화 수업 

수업이 지루해지지 않게 한국 전통 체험구도 만들며 좋은 추억을 만들어 봐요. 









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