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 Korean Tutoring

VIP only for you!
30% Off + No Entrance fee 

₩39,000 hourly

Flexible schedule
Customized lesson 
데이트 커플

30% off on Kakaotalk

  • Simple Registration

  • Simple Payment

  • KaKaotalk Consulation

  • Book before visiting

Class type

  • Any things you want to earn 

  • Speaking / Pronunciation / Reading  

  • Writing / Grammar / Business


When is a class? 

  • You are in charge of schedule

  • Over 1 hours a day 

  • Changeable schedule 

Who is a teacher

  • Certificated Korean teacher

  • Strict internal training master

  • Open mind for foreigners​

  • Bright and calm teacher

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​Google/Times Awards!

5 million worldwide members

 TOP Korean language School

- Watch out other trick school -

If a school gives Korean food

Don't go to such a school.

The application is very simple.
30% off  
<application> + <payment>
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Korean Tutoring

Shinchon school or Online
Your place (Company)


(studying in School at Shinchon)

30% off + No entrance fee
Poweful Effect!

1 hour

  • 1 session from 8 hours 

  • Entrance fee:  Free

  • Materials:  ₩58,000 (once)

  • 1:2  ₩58,000

  • Kid or Topik are ₩42,000

  • If you have a tourist visa

     - $39​ 1 hour 

     - Entrance fee: $48 / Materials: $45 (once)

  • Summer peak prcie (June~Aug) 

     - 1:1 ₩42,000

     - Kid or Topik ₩45,000

     - 1:2 ₩62,000 

  • You are in charge of the schedule. 
  • Due date until 3 months. 
  • Rescheduling up after a class with a teacher

Korean Tutoring 
(Studying in your place)


For VIP 
Teacher visits your place

Thank you for contacting us.
we will serve you as the best.
We will work your inquiry out promptly.

비즈니스 대화

The lesson at the desired area!
Tax invoice available

The off-location class is the same system as the tutoring at the top.
Only the tuition is different.

Premium company lesson
Plz offer the class to best friend!
Katalk ID: bestfriendjapan


30% off + No entrance fee

1 hour

  • 1 seession from 8 hours

  • 1 hours a day: ₩58,000 hourly

  • Entrance fee:  → Free

  • Materials: ₩58,000 (once)

  • You are in charge of the schedule. 
  • Due date until 3 months.
  • Rescheduling up after a class with a teacher.

Our company selected by large foreign companies, embassies and government agencies.


Our book guarantee best lessons 

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Best Friend developed our own books.

Easy to study for all foreigners.

This book is using all over the world.

Beyond the book
Many years of education experience put into it. 

Easy to master Korean in 3 months
1. Simple illustrations.

2. Storytelling method of practical life topics.
3. Memorizing brain stimulation by role play.

How to enroll

Without a call or visit
Kakaotalk couseling 30%off

<Step 1>
Enrolling on the website
<Step 2>
Payment (homepage card / deposit)
<Step 3>
Teacher assignment takes 3 to 7 days
<Step 4>
Classroom is notified by mail or KaTalk
<Step 5>
Come to the class room on the start day.










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