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Your nationality is unacceptable.

Stop contacting us

Stop asking visa

Nothing can do for you

No offered "Acceptance Letter"​

No offered "Visa"

Even if you enroll the class.

레드 카드

We are not a university

We are just a private school.

No offered <Acceptance Letter>

No offered <Visa>

For the person below

 Do not contact us.

We can't give a visa.

China, India, Mongolia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Nigeria, Ghana. Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Cambodia, Africa, East Timor, Bolivia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Gabon, Mozambique, Bahrain, Benin, Algeria, Angola, Jordan, Egypt, Cape Verde, Kuwait, Tanzania, Myanmar


Contact Embassy or university

<​Visa phone>


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