Kids Korean class​

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Make your kids speak Korean

Are you going to send kid to any school?
Certified teacher for the Kids
Award by Google / Times

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  • Simple Registration

  • KaKaotalk counseling

Your kid can become

  • Speaking like native Korean

  • Excellent writing, reading

  • Natural pronunciation 

  • Learning Korean culture

When is a class?

  • Monthly (Mon~Fri)

  • 10:00~12:00 (2 hours a day)

   Who is a teacher

  • Certificated Korean teacher

  • Strict internal training master

  • Open mind for kids

  • Bright and calm teacher

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​Google / Times Awards!

5 million worldwide members

Top Korean language institution

- Watch out the other trick school -

If a school gives Korean Food or Gifts

Don't go to such a school.


Best Friend Group 

World wide

Seoul branch / Tokyo branch 

​Excellent curriculum

Trust Best Friend 

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Kids Korea Group Class

Don't give up to teach Korean for kids

Register for a class now in the following cases.

  • Kid can speak but can't write and read it.

  • Kid has difficulty of writing and reading

  • Wrong pronunciation

  • Learning Korean culture


After 1 month course, they can be

  • Mastering read, write and speak Korean 

  • Alphabet, Number, Date Master

  • Expressing their own emotion

  • Understanding Korean family culture 

If kids take the classes over 3 hours day
the concentration should be decrease 

<2hours a day is very beneficial for Kids>

베스트프렌드 한국어학원

Kids Korean group

We offer the 3 classes divided 

according to the age


  4~7 years old class (Kindergarten)

  • Motivating "Korean is fun"

  • We make kids the Korean class is fun and easy!

  • Writing and reading the basic alphabet

  • Activity (Drawing / Music / Role play) 

  • Cultural activity / Hanbok 


 9 to 13 years old  (elementary school 1st to 6th grade)

  • Enhancing writing / vocabulary  

  • Enhancing Pronunciation / reading 

  • Presentation / self confidence up!

  • Cultural activity / Hanbok 


 14 to 17 years old (middle / high school) ​

1 month


10:00 ~ 12:00  

Ave 3 person

Max 8 person

어린이를위한 심리학자

Korean Tutoring

When children's group classes are difficult
Tutoring is also available! (60% discount)

as much as you want
when you want to learn
Customized tutoring for kids

<1:2 / 1:3 family discount>

Mon - Sun


Chooseable schedule

의사와 환자

Korean teacher just like a doctor!

「Direct Correct System」

Instantly Correct  Mistakes in class

Memory up by brain stimulation


58% off + No Entrance fee

1 month

690,000 won 

495,000 won

  • Entrance Fee:  250,000 won  Free 

  • Class materials: 100,000 won 68,000won

  • From 3 students, the class can be held

  • Only 2 person in a class, 100,000won added 

  • Only 1 person transfers to tutoring

  • 2 weeks 15%off /1 week 30%off with 1 month

- If you are coming from overseas 

  • Discount for Korean Nationality / Residents

  • Entrance fee required

  • Discount is not applied. 

  • Oversea remittance in USD

<Family Discount> 
When you bring your own members
2 Person =>  Total 60,000won off
3 Person =>  Total 100,000won off
Person =>  Total 150,000won off

Our book guarantee best lessons 

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Best Friend developed our own books.

Easy to study for all foreigners.

This book is using all over the world.

Beyond the book
Many years of education experience put into it.

Easy to master Korean in 3 months
1. Simple illustrations.

2. Storytelling method of practical life topics.
3. Memorizing brain stimulation by role play


It is held at the beginning of each month.
​ Participation at any time

How to enroll

<Step 1>
Enrolling on the website
<Step 2>
* Credit card on the website
* Remittance 
* After payment,  we will contact you
<Step 3>
Classroom is notified by mail or KaTalk
<Step 4>
Come to the class room on the start day.